Les Vignerons on Natural Wines

Happy New Year! 2016 is off to a great start especially since Les Vignerons is moving from the off-the-beaten-path area of Tor Pignattara to Trastevere which is a mere 15 minute tram ride from my home. Les Vignerons is my favorite wine and craft beer shop in Rome. While there is no shortage of wine shops and markets in Rome, for a natural wine drinker like me, there is no substitute for Les Vignerons. I’ve been fortunate to get to know owners Antonio Marino and Marisa Gabbianelli over the past few years as they have evolved along with their knowledge of natural wines and craft beer.


Clients often ask me why I break out into song and dance when talking about natural wine? We’re used to hearing “we are what we eat”. I’d say “we are what we eat and we are what we drink”. Natural wines – not necessarily organic which I’ll leave for another post – in its simplest definition is a wine made with minimal intervention and no artificial additives, it’s nothing new. It’s the way wine has been made for thousands of years. I had the chance to chat with Antonio and Marisa about the definition of natural wines over coffee as well as their philosophy, their individual paths and craft beer. Continue reading “The naturalists” for excerpts from our talk.

Les Vignerons (opening in February 2016)
Via Goffredo Mameli 61 in Trastevere
Opening hours: Monday from 16:00-21:30; Tuesday-Saturday from 10:30 – 21:30


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