Christmas Eve & the Feast of the Seven Fishes


As an Italian-American I grew up with traditions that arrived on the shores of Boston with my grandparents from Southern Italy in the 1930s. These traditions remained somewhat frozen in time and for that I’m lucky. My most cherished tradition – the feast of the seven fishes prepared for Christmas Eve – involves, family, food and wine. Surprise!

My maternal grandparents, the Pompeo-Aliberti’s from the region of Campania hosted this meal. At its height we numbered 70+ (aunts, uncles, cousins and the plumber). Family and friends trickled in and out of the Aliberti kitchen for an afternoon brandy to to toast to the holiday and years gone by. Fried crustaceans and eel (pictured above) were devoured and wine was at the ready, always red, in a jug by Papa’s feet.

As the 24th quickly approaches prep in underway at Casa Tringali. I’ve become mom’s sous chef and this year I’m having a blast choosing wines for our seafood marathon. I’ve shared my wine and beer pairings with the American Magazine | In Italia but remember my rules are made to be broken. Please drink what you love. That’s what I’ll be doing on Christmas Eve as I pull up my chair to our table with spirits of Christmas past and a jug of red wine by my feet.

Continue reading “The sumptuous 24th”  for my wine and beer suggestions.

Happy Holidays!ValCerasaWhite

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