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Italian Adventure

My italian adventure began nearly 8 years ago. I packed my bags for 3 months to see if I could make it in Italy. Coming from NYC, I left with Frank Sinatra’s voice singing “if I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere…” after all if I made it in NYC 3 times over why […]

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Dining in Rome During the Holidays

With only one week until Christmas, I hope that you’ve reserved your tables for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve! Although it can be a bit daunting deciphering opening hours and prix fixe menus, there are a number of wonderful restaurants open for the holidays. For starters check out The Rome Digest’s Where to […]

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FVG Wine Tasting at Vino Roma

Vino Roma is a wine studio where you can learn about Italian wines through guided tastings. I’ve attended both “My Italians” and “Sparkling Saturdays“. Last week a special tasting, “Super Wines of Friuli” was on the calendar. With sommelier exams on my mind, I couldn’t wait to delve into this region with wine educator, colleague and friend Hande Leimer (pictured below). […]

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Pizzeria Tonda

What to say about Pizzeria Tonda? It is one of Rome’s best pizzerias. With warm service, bright decor and simply delicious brick oven pizza, it is still going strong. I ate there with a group of friends on Monday night. Starters included home-made crisps, suppli ortolano (Roman vegetarian fried rice ball stuffed with eggplant, zucchini, pepper and mozzarella) and eggplant trapizzino. Three […]

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Panificio Bonci is open – pizza bianca, bread & biscotti…

Panificio Bonci is open! The latest addition to the Gabriele Bonci dynasty opened its doors this week. Last night I attended the launch party where Bonci served up savory and sweet treats. Trays of pastry puff pizzette with tomato sauce and absolutely addictive pizza bianca were served. What makes the crust perfectly crisp? skill, love, 2 day dough leavening and quality […]

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romeo | chef & baker

I am a huge fan of Glass Hostaria, Salumeria Roscioli and Il Forno Roscioli. When I heard that they were combining forces to create a new venture, I couldn’t wait to experience it. Cristina Bowerman, Fabio Spada and the Roscioli brothers, Pierluigi and Alessandro are the chefs & bakers behind Romeo. Pulling on their collective strengths, Romeo offers thin crust […]

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Nuovo Mercato Testaccio & “Mordi e Vai” (Tripe Sandwiches)

It is official, the inauguration of the Nuovo Mercato Testaccio (New Testaccio Market) is today. I stopped by the original Mercato di Testaccio and found Carmelo d’Agostino, tomato expert, there alone. Sadly, he’s not moving to the new market but he’s hoping to find a space in Testaccio. Despite my mixed emotions about the controversial closing of the […]

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