Granita & Brioche – Breakfast of Champions

By November in Rome, I’m usually hankering for hot chocolate, ribollita and roast chicken. With unseasonably warm temperatures, I’ve got granita on my mind. It is a slush like drink made from water, sugar and fruit, coffee or nuts. Originally from Sicily, it is usually served with sweet brioche for breakfast.

Seem like an odd combination? This doughy delicacy is made for drowning in a glass of this icy concoction.  Caffè is my favorite flavor with mandorle (almond) and gelsi (mulberry) as the runners-up.  The best I’ve ever tasted is at Caffè del Arte in Modica, Sicily.  If you find yourself in Rome, don’t miss the granita di caffè con panna (coffee granita layered with whipped cream) at Tazza D’Oro.

A great way to start a summer day or for an afternoon snack, it’s a refreshing caffeine-carbo boost!


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