Happy Easter

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve been happily traveling and have much to report. Today, I want to wish a Happy Easter to my family, friends and all the amazing people in my life. I am grateful. Here’s my Easter post from last year which lies close to my heart. Buon appetito and Happy Easter!

Easter in Naples

Like all holidays in Italy, Pasqua (Easter) has many traditions both religious and culinary. After 40 days of fasting for Lent, Easter Sunday arrives with enough food to feed an army. Dishes include lamb or goat, savory Easter breads with a different twist from every region, la colomba and hollow chocolate eggs.

I am lucky enough to spend today near Naples where my maternal grandparents were born. They brought many traditional recipes from Salerno and Avellino to Boston; specialities that my family recreates for each Easter celebration; specialities that I want to share with you from this amazing region.

Tortano Napoletana – This savory bread is made with salami, provolone cheese and lard; melt in your mouth, cling to your arteries goodness…

Pizza Rustica or Pizza Ripiena – This dish is filled with cheese and meat and resembles a pie. Ingredients include cheeses like ricotta, pecorino romano and mozzarella and meat such as salami, prosciutto and sausage.

Cannelloni – This home made pasta is rolled and stuffed with ricotta cheese and ground meat and topped with tomato sauce. After all, it wouldn’t be an Italian meal without pasta.

Capretto – Goat and potatoes roasted with garlic, olive oil and white wine. This succulent dish signals spring time!

Pastiera Napoletana – This cake is made with ricotta cheese, orange blossom water, grain and candied citris peel.


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