Bicerin, A Chocolate-Coffee Dream

It is a sunny, crisp autumn day and an opportune time to enjoy a Bicerin. Just as each region of Italy has its own cuisine, many have their own speciality coffee drinks. Enter the Bicerin, a coffee potion created during the 18th century in the city of Turin in Piedmont.  For a coffee-chocolate addict like me, this scrumptious brew is sinfully satisfying.  Dense hot chocolate, smooth espresso and steamed milk are skillfully layered in a glass by talented baristas. At Stratta, milk is substituted with luscious whipped cream topped with a giandiuottothe result is pure decadent bliss.

 If you visit Turin be sure to enjoy a Bicerin at:

Guido Gobino, Via Lagrange, 1; Tel. +39 011 5660707
Stratta, Piazza San Carlo, 191; Tel. +39 011 547920
Caffè al Bicerin, Piazza della Consolata, 5; Tel +39 011 4369325

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