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Photo by Susan Wright

Power to the People

Story by Gina Tringali
Photos by Susan Wright

Land confiscated from organized crime and turned over to social co-operatives has spawned a new generation of Sicilian organic winemakers who are not only providing fully paid work, but are earning praise for their quality produce.

As part of the Libera Terra (Free Land) project, the vineyards of Centopassi are a symbol of liberty, struggle and success. I Cento Passi (“One Hundred Steps”) is the name of a film dedicated to Giuseppe “Peppino” Impastato, the young Sicilian radio broadcaster and anti-mafia labour organiser, who was murdered because of his dogged fight against organised crime. Like Peppino, the Centopassi founders are pioneers; planting, growing and establishing the future vines of Sicily.

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Photo by Susan Wright

Palazzone vineyards

A 13th century inn for pilgrims that’s now awash with modern chic and bottles aged in an Etruscan grotto among the chestnut and oak trees make for a unique and prize-winning experience in Umbria’s Orvieto region.

Wine is the fruit of a territory, of a grape and of the person who made it.  Its character should show emotion. So says Giovanni Dubini, co-owner of Palazzone vineyards in Orvieto, Italy. One sip of his…

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Photo by Susan Wright

Sweetest side of Turin

Bordered by France and Switzerland, Piedmont is the birthplace of Slow Food. The regional capital, Turin, exudes charm, elegance and culture, yet it is often overlooked by tourists.

But, there is one particularly indulgent aspect to Turin that no self-respecting food fan can fail to revel in. Turin is famous for its chocolate and cafè-pasticcerie. Much of Italy’s chocolate is crafted here.

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Sicilian Dream

Photos by Susan Wright

Count Paolo Marzotto’s retirement bet, that he can put Sicily further onto the wine map, starts to pay off. By Gina Tringali | Count Marzotto’s Sicilian Dream [pdf 1.9mb]

When in Rome…

Ah! Italian espresso. We hear a lot about it, but if you find yourself in the “Eternal City,” where do you head for the ultimate caffeine fix? Photographer, Susan Wright and correspondent, Gina Tringali, went in search of the not-to-be-missed, artisan outlets. (Published in BeanScene)

When in Rome [pdf 360kb]