GT Food & Travel provides both private and small group in-depth tours of Rome. Offerings include food and market tours, wine tastings and vineyard visits. GT Food & Travel also arranges private cooking classes, in-home dining experiences, and custom half and full day tours.

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Food Lover’s Tour

culinary artisans, from coffee roasters and chocolate makers to pizza experts and cheese producersDuring this tour we will discover and meet culinary artisans, from coffee roasters and chocolate makers to pizza experts and cheese producers. We will make our way through the streets of Rome snacking on gelato, bread, salami and sweets, while learning about Roman culinary traditions, past and present, Rome’s street food and the people behind the counters.

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Cucina Povera & Roman Cuisine in Monteverde

calamariCucina povera is based on readily available, seasonal and inexpensive ingredients. Although it was never completely dismissed, it is now very much in vogue. Our tour starts at the outdoor food market at Piazza San Giovanni di Dio in Monteverde, an off the beat residential area near Trastevere, with more than 100 food stalls to explore. We will weave our way through the neighborhood visiting food shops, butchers, and a coffee roaster before enjoying lunch at a traditional restaurant. Our 3 course meal varies depending on the season and which plates appeal to you. Dishes include gnocchi fritti (fried gnocchi), rigatoni alla pajata (pasta with a tomato & lamb intestine sauce) and baccala alla Romana (salt cod, olives & tomato sauce). We will also enjoy Roman pasta classics such as amatriciana, carbonara and cacio e pepe. All wine pairings will be from small organic and natural Italian wine makers. Note: The outdoor food market is closed on Sunday.

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Testaccio Market & Neighborhood Stroll

DSC_3058This walk takes place in the neighborhood of Testaccio where we will see, smell and taste seasonal ingredients including fruit, vegetables, meats and cheeses at one of Rome’s most well known outdoor markets. At the ex-slaughterhouse, we will talk about the quinto quarto (the fifth quarter) more widely known as offal and its role in Roman cuisine. We will visit a pasta shop, bakeries and delis where we will sample olive oil and balsamic vinegar. At the end of our walk, we will nosh on some very special street food thought to be the best in Rome.

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Trionfale Market & Neighborhood Stroll

cornettiMThis market walk takes place close to the Vatican. We will start with a cappuccino and cornetto before entering one of Rome’s most colorful food markets, the Mercato Trionfale.With more than 250 stalls to explore, we will sample local fruit, vegetables, meats, cheeses and baked goods. We will visit a gourmet cheese shop, bread maker and end our walk with some inspiring pizza by the slice.

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Italian Wine Tasting

winetastingWith so many regions and labels, the Italian world of wine can appear overwhelming. The focus of this tasting is to sip, laugh, and learn as we explore the basics of food and wine pairings in an enoteca (wine bar) We will smell, taste and savor a selection of 5-7 wines paired with local artisanal cheese, salami, bread, and more. Your certified sommelier will highlight the characteristics of each grape variety, region and wine producer. By the end of the night, you will be able to describe your ideal wine, select it, and tackle an Italian wine list!

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Food Lovers Ride – Savor Rome from the back of a Scooter

IMG_0205During this 4 hour tour, we’ll discover food destinations and neighborhoods not easily reachable by foot. Our tour starts at your hotel or accommodations, where you’ll be greeted by your personal Vespa driver. Hop on the back of your scooter to begin your customized eating adventure! You’ll have an open air view of the Eternal City as you meet local food experts and visit both traditional and modern shops, gaining insight into Rome’s culinary history as well as its evolving food culture, all while savoring coffee, cheese, cured meats, bread, gelato and wine. Each tour is personalized according to your tastes and preferences.

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Gelato Tour of Rome

Il Gelato Claudio TorceIt’s impossible to think of Italy without gelato springing to mind! But with so many gelaterie to choose from, how do you know where to find the best? With your private gelato tour of Rome, you will learn not only how to discern the good gelato from the bad, but you’ll gain insight into what makes this frozen treat so beloved.Start at the source! We will visit a renowned gelato maker for a gelato demonstration. See first hand the technique that goes into mastering the art of gelato making, from texture to flavor to temperature. After sampling some of the creations, we’ll visit a selection of artisanal gelato makers. Each gelateria is known for certain flavors, so we’ll taste a few signature flavors at each and along the way, we’ll discuss the history of gelato, current gelato trends in Rome and Italy, and the differences in making gelato, sorbet and granita. Note: A hands-on gelato making class can be added.

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