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Wine Tasting Basics

Have you ever attended a professional wine tasting? Not all tastings are the same but often the wine color is noted, the wine swirled, noses sniff into the glass and tasters proclaim “strawberries, raspberries, roses ” all before they taste the wine. Puzzled onlookers may wonder what’s in that glass? I can’t help but think of my 80-year-old […]

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Naples' Street

Street Level

Story by Gina Tringali Photos by Susan Wright Many a visitor to Italy hankers after an experience that lets them get in touch with daily life.  A great way to do this is to explore the fresh food markets and aromatic alleyways to be found in quieter locations, such as Palermo. 

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10 best music venues in Rome

Rome’s music bars and clubs span everything from rock and classical to jazz and blues. Gina Tringali selects her 10 greatest hits This article written for, and republished from here Teatro dell’Opera di Roma In the country where every person can recite the lyrics to Verdi’s “Va Pensiero”, opera is a way of life. From […]

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Power to the People

Story by Gina Tringali Photos by Susan Wright Land confiscated from organized crime and turned over to social co-operatives has spawned a new generation of Sicilian organic winemakers who are not only providing fully paid work, but are earning praise for their quality produce. As part of the Libera Terra (Free Land) project, the vineyards […]

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Sweetest side of Turin

Article by Gina Tringali Photos by Susan Wright Bordered by France and Switzerland, Piedmont is the birthplace of Slow Food. The regional capital, Turin, exudes charm, elegance and culture, yet it is often overlooked by tourists. But, there is one particularly indulgent aspect to Turin that no self-respecting food fan can fail to revel in. […]

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Palazzone vineyards

Article by Gina Tringali Photos by Susan Wright A 13th century inn for pilgrims that’s now awash with modern chic and bottles aged in an Etruscan grotto among the chestnut and oak trees make for a unique and prize-winning experience in Umbria’s Orvieto region. Wine is the fruit of a territory, of a grape and […]

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