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Blue Inc., Boston

Each time I visit Boston, I’m hopeful that the food scene has improved. During my last trip, my friend Eda and I opted to try Blue Inc., one of “Boston’s 11 Hottest New Restaurants of 2011” according to Zagats. Fans of Gordan Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen” will recognize Blue Inc. Executive Chef and Owner, Jason Santos. His […]

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Christmas Eve & the Serpent that Didn’t Get Away

The smell of seafood drifts through my house; it’s Christmas time. Today, homes across Italy celebrate with il cenone, a massive Christmas Eve menu of multiple courses of fish. My grandparents immigrated from southern Italy where capitone, large female eel, is THE traditional fish of Christmas Eve.Memories of my grandfather Edmundo from Salerno cleaning a bucket of live […]

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Ess-a-Bagel, NYC

I’m in a NYC state of mind. It’s breakfast time and I’m craving a warm, doughy, massive Ess-a-Bagel smothered in luscious cream cheese. A carb-lovers dream, the original kosher shop opened on 21st S Street and 1st Ave in 1976. Choose from more than 15 cream cheese creations and over 12 bagel varieties. Sesame, pumpernickel or the […]

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Italian Caffè in NYC

Since I left NYC over 5 years ago, Italian style coffee bars and small batch roasters have been popping up around the city. When I visit, I look forward to stopping by some of my fav coffee bars and trying out some new ones. Here is a list of the ones that I hit up […]

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Burritos – Anna’s Taqueria

I’ve been in the U.S. for 2 weeks. When I land in Boston, my first food stop is my Mom’s kitchen and then Anna’s Taqueria in Davis Square. It is a no frills, order at the counter, sit in or take away taqueria located near Tufts University.  I start with chips and Anna’s creamy guacamole made […]

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Riverpark – A Tom Colicchio Restaurant

It probably comes as a surprise that I love food. Everytime I visit NYC I feel like I’m cheating on my faithful boyfriend, Italian cuisine. My restaurant wish list is made before I hit the ground and it rarely includes Cucina Italiana. I hit my regulars…Momofuku noodle bar for my pork bun fix, Sobaya for […]

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