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Sweetest side of Turin

Article by Gina Tringali Photos by Susan Wright Bordered by France and Switzerland, Piedmont is the birthplace of Slow Food. The regional capital, Turin, exudes charm, elegance and culture, yet it is often overlooked by tourists. But, there is one particularly indulgent aspect to Turin that no self-respecting food fan can fail to revel in. […]

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Sicilian Dream

Article by Gina Tringali Photos by Susan Wright Count Paolo Marzotto’s retirement bet, that he can put Sicily further onto the wine map, starts to pay off. |

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When in Rome…

Article by Gina Tringali Photos by Susan Wright Ah! Italian espresso. We hear a lot about it, but if you find yourself in the “Eternal City,” where do you head for the ultimate caffeine fix? Photographer, Susan Wright and correspondent, Gina Tringali, went in search of the not-to-be-missed, artisan outlets. (Published in BeanScene)

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Making Pizza with Bonci at Tricolore

I’ve been waiting months to take Gabriele Bonci’s pizza course at Tricolore. Since the rush of bloggers, foodies and groupies partook in this Roman Pizza Guru’s initial lessons back in January, many of the kinks of this 2 day, 170 euro course have been worked out. Special thanks to writers like Katie Parla for giving […]

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Friday Night at L’Osteria di Monteverde

Last Friday, I had dinner at L’Osteria di Monteverde.  I’ve been a bit anti-Osteria di Monteverde since it took over the space of a popular locale and the menu was changed to typical Roman fare.  I visited the Osteria when it first opened its doors in September and wasn’t impressed but after much hype, I decided […]

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Buona Pasqua! Happy Easter from Naples!

Like all holidays in Italy, Pasqua (Easter) has many traditions both religious and culinary. After 40 days of fasting for Lent, Easter Sunday arrives with enough food to feed an army.  Dishes include lamb or goat, savory Easter breads with a different twist from every region, la colomba and hollow chocolate eggs. I am lucky […]

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Easter Egg Explosion

              Easter is right around the corner. Bakers and bread makers are churning out colombe, casatiello (easter bread made with pieces of salame, pecorino cheese and eggs) and la pastiera napoletana. Artisans work round-the-clock cranking out chocolate creations. Like all food, Italians take chocolate  seriously, especially at Pasqua (Easter). […]

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