Red Wines in Summertime

As a wine lover, I drink mostly Italian wine – white, rose and red and let’s not forget dessert wines. Classic pairings like Lambrusco and Parmesan cheese or a Picolit with blue cheese are a heavenly experience but sometimes I admit I just drink what I’m craving. It may be a glass of Franciacorta or a Cerasuolo di Vittoria while I’m cooking dinner. After all in Italy wine is like food. While it’s meant as nourishment, it’s also meant for enjoyment. So why always play by the rules? IMG_4269

For my diehard red wine loving friends, the ones that ignore whites, my advice is to at least pick fruitier and lighter wines with low-to-moderate alcohol content (13 percent and below), light-to-medium body and low-to-medium tannins. They’re easier on the palate, even refreshing. For more tips and for five favorite red wines for summer continue reading

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