Nyawa Funding Group (NFG) One Year Later

This post has little to do with Italy, travel, food or wine. I lead Italian wine tastings when I visit the U.S.. One year ago, I led an Italian wine tasting at the Nyawa Funding Group (NFG) fundraiser. NFG is a non-profit company that tackles measurable and achievable projects in Sierra Leone. Before presenting the wines, I listened to Jason Lamin, the NFG Chairman and President tell a heartfelt and personal story. He spoke of childhood memories in Sierra Leone where he lived until 13 years of age. He described a return visit to the village where his family lived. Deeply saddened by the suffering and poverty that he witnessed, he was determined to make a difference. Thus was born Nyawa Funding Group.


One year ago thanks to generous donations, NFG was able to not only repair the only ambulance available to transport children to Sierra Leone’s only pediatric center but also provide the hospital with a reasonable maintenance fund for the ambulance, blankets, gloves, masks and more.

One year later Ebola has landed in Sierra Leone. The need for help has grown greater. NFG has launched a new fundraising project to make certain the hospital has all the equipment needed to be properly sanitized and prepared to help their patients. GT Food & Travel will donate 10% of all December earnings to NFG. A dollar goes a long way in Sierra Leone. No amount is too small. Please share this message.

NFG-CHILDNFG is a registered 501(c)(3). You can get more information on the NFG website.

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