GT Food & Travel provides private food and wine tours of Naples with her Association Casa Mia Italy Food & Wine Tours. Offerings include food and market tours, wine tastings and vineyard visits. For a complete list of tours, rates and availability, please visit the Casa Mia Italy Food & Wine Tours’ Naples page.

Half-Day Naples Street Food Stroll

Each city has its own unique dishes and traditions handed down from generation to generation. During the Street Food Stroll, you’ll discover the most delicious food in Naples, from coffee and sfogliatelle to pizza and gelato as we make our way through the winding ancient streets, snacking all the while we learn about Neapoletan culinary traditions, past and present, and Naples savory street food. Naples is said to be the Italian capital of coffee and pizza which we won’t miss. We’ll kick off our day with sfogliatella pastry filled with perfectly sweetened ricotta cheese and citrus zest with a creamy espresso or cappuccino at the best bar in the city. After our caffeine pick me up we’re off to the market where we’ll learn about seasonality and what makes a Naples food market different than other Italian markets. We’ll also explore Neapolitan street food which was as common in ancient times as it is today. We’ll visit stands where we’ll sample famous fried goods such as fried pizza, polenta and mozzarella cheese.

Pizza is sold all over Naples but we’ll show you where to find the best, and exactly when to arrive in order to avoid the insane rush to get a piece. The simple Margherita, famed for its delightful marriage of fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil, is the most popular. Follow this up with a glass of wine from the region of Campania or a gelato in a historic setting and you will be set! Your culinary expert will give you the fascinating food history of Naples and its rich culinary traditions creating an unforgettable experience.

Note: We also offer a full day tour which includes a sit down guided lunch and wine tasting focused on the region of Campania. 

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