Le volpi e l’uva Wine Bar in Florence

luvavolpe2Everyone these days is looking to eat at an authentic Italian enoteca. It is becoming increasingly harder to find one that hasn’t yet conformed to tourism and let go of its old world originality. Well, I have news for you, my hope in a good traditional enoteca experience has been restored. Le volpi e l’uva, an intimate wine bar, has an authentic and rustic Italian feel and leaves you craving for more.

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After ordering the crostone al pomodoro e olive taggiasche (crusty bread topped with tomatoes and olives) the waitress recommended I have a glass of Trentino D.O.C. Marzemino Armando Simoncelli 2012. Le Volpi e l'uva1Complimenting the abundance of asiago cheese, tomatoes, and green olives with a drizzle of olive oil, this slightly dry and not-too-sweet wine, exceeded my expectations. The ruby red wine had genuine flavors from the ancient wine making traditions of Trentino while maintaining its young fresh and fruity taste. Its food friendly qualities put an extra crunch of energy to my meal. Delicious food, flavorful wine and great company made for a great night at at Le Volpi e e l’Uva.

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Le Volpi e l’Uva
Piazza de’ Rossi 1
Telephone +39 055 239 81 32
Email: info@levolpieluva.com
*Words & photos by Katie Reporto

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