Cucina Povera & Roman Cuisine in Monteverde

gnocchiCucina povera is based on readily available, seasonal and inexpensive ingredients. Grains, beans, and vegetables seasoned with herbs and olive oil, whole-grain bread and moderate amounts of cheese, meat and fish were the mainstays of the diet. Although it was never completely dismissed, it is now very much in vogue.

Our tour starts at the food market at Piazza San Giovanni di Dio which dates back to 1970. Located in the area of Monteverde, an off the beaten track residential area near Trastevere, it has more than 100 food stalls -meats, breads, cheeses, olives, fruits and vegetables-to explore. We’ll weave our way through the neighborhood visiting food shops, butchers, and a coffee roaster before enjoying lunch.

Lunch takes place in a traditional restaurant where Gina will introduce you to select and seasonal Roman dishes with wine pairings. This 3 course meal will vary depending on the season and what appeals to you. Typical dishes include gnocchi fritti (fried gnocchi), rigatoni alla pajata (pasta with tomato & lamb intestine sauce), trippa alla romana (tripe prepared in the roman style) and baccala alla Romana (salt cod, olives & tomato sauce). We will also enjoy Roman pastas such as amatriciana, carbonara, and cacio e pepe. All wine pairings will be from small organic and natural Italian wine makers.