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Buccellati Sicilian Christmas Fig Cookies

In December, holiday breads and desserts flood bakery shelves. Panettone may be the most popular Italian pastry served during the holiday season but I prefer homemade Christmas cookies especially nutty roccocò, chocolate covered mostaccioli and buccellati (Sicilian fig-filled cookies). Baked in a wreath ring or as cookies, the combination of figs, dates, nuts, raisins and sometimes candied fruits is simply delicious. In the […]

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Bean-Potato Stew from Ma’s Kitchen

It’s lovely, how I still dream of her. I’m happy to meet Ma in my dreams and celery cut in uniform miniscule squares on a well-worn wooden board and any kitchen knife. Her hands were always manicured but she never wore nail polish. Her nail length was uniform too. Like the cutting board, her hands […]

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2 Days of Eating in NYC…the Highlights & Lowlights

NYC was my home for 7 years.  Every time I visit the U.S., I hop on the Boston-NYC Chinatown bus to visit friends, breathe in the city and eat.  I was recently in NYC for a two day trip.  Here are some food highlights and lowlights of my trip: Momofuku Noodle Bar The first of […]

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