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Wine Tasting Basics

Have you ever attended a professional wine tasting? Not all tastings are the same but often the wine color is noted, the wine swirled, noses sniff into the glass and tasters proclaim “strawberries, raspberries, roses ” all before they taste the wine. Puzzled onlookers may wonder what’s in that glass? I can’t help but think of my 80-year-old […]

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Bean-Potato Stew from Ma’s Kitchen

It’s lovely, how I still dream of her. I’m happy to meet Ma in my dreams and celery cut in uniform miniscule squares on a well-worn wooden board and any kitchen knife. Her hands were always manicured but she never wore nail polish. Her nail length was uniform too. Like the cutting board, her hands […]

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Christmas Eve & the Feast of the Seven Fishes

As an Italian-American I grew up with traditions that arrived on the shores of Boston with my grandparents from Southern Italy in the 1930s. These traditions remained somewhat frozen in time and for that I’m lucky. My most cherished tradition – the feast of the seven fishes prepared for Christmas Eve – involves, family, food […]

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Casa Mia Blog nominated for Italy Magazine Blog Awards!

In the event that you missed it, I launched  Casa Mia – Italy  Food & Wine – an expanded private food and wine tour company in May 2015. I’m over the moon thrilled to announce that only 8 months after the launch, the Casa Mia blog has been shortlisted in not one, but two Italy Magazine Blog Award categories: “Best Travel Blog” […]

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Wines of Campania

Last month I had a blast learning more about the wines of Campania and writing Part I for The American|InItalia in ‘Campania Awakens, I’. It all started thanks to a gorgeous group of clients. They insist on delving into the wines of a different region each time they visit Italy. We’ve visited Basilicata and Puglia in […]

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Vinegar Peppers from Ma’s Kitchen

Late summer and early autumn usher in canning time. From tomato sauce with bright basil leaves, to fig jam and peaches in simple syrup, it’s a ritual that I cherish. A ritual I have thanks to my grandparents and mom. Mom and I are adamant about carrying forward family traditions. This brings me oddly to […]

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Italian Adventure

My italian adventure began nearly 8 years ago. I packed my bags for 3 months to see if I could make it in Italy. Coming from NYC, I left with Frank Sinatra’s voice singing “if I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere…” after all if I made it in NYC 3 times over why […]

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